There are plenty of nice empty seats in the AA

I know I ranted about football attendance.

Now on to basketball.

I love Wyoming, I love UW, I love the Cowboys, I love everything from Ragtime Cowboy Joe to the Bronze Boot to the beer song to you name it. So this isn't trying to belittle our fans.. but I have a hard time understanding why (collectively speaking) we demand a good football team, yet when we get one we can barely fill half the stadium. Now that the athletic department has brought back "legendary" Larry Shyatt and our men's team is 8-1 (when is the last time that happened?) our Arena Auditorium looks and feels a lot like a consolation game at state basketball in Casper.

The AA is the third largest basketball venue in the Mountain West with nearly 16,000 seats, most of which are eerily empty during games nowadays. It is early in the season, and I can't say we've played any big shot teams yet, but if we want to look ahead to a conference title and maybe, just maybe going to the Big Tournament, we need to be filling seats. The largest announced attendance for a game thus far was in the 4,500's... that's roughly two thirds of the AA completely empty. During an average game, it is not uncommon for the upper deck to be completely empty. Student sections are mediocre at best but aside from the band, the most intimidating noises to an opponent are squeaky shoes on the court.

I have seen and heard about the teams of the previous Shyatt period in the late 90's when the place would sell out. It was a tough place to play and we won there. And we got to watch them win. Now when our games are televised it is an embarrassment for Wyoming. If you look at the Spectrum at Utah State or even New Mexico, you are looking at what college basketball fan bases should truly be about (and that's not even getting into the likes of Duke, Kansas, Indiana, etc...)

It seems like there is a bit of a kink in advertising games. Here on campus the only way I even know if there is a game is to look at the schedule, wheras everyone just seems to know when and were a football game is. Perhaps the powers that be should try to get the news out there.

So please, my fellow Wyoming fans, I can understand if our athletics are dismal you'll be less likely to show up (sad but just a fact of life), but when we are actually winning, you need to be doing a better job of not making our university look like it be on Division 2 status.

Thank you.

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