Mountain West Team Rankings For NCAA Football 13

GRAPEVINE TX - FEBRUARY 03: Chase Daniel Reggie Bush and Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints compete in the EA Sports Madden Bowl XVII on February 3 2011 in Grapevine Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images for EA Sports)

We're still more then a month away from the release of NCAA Football 13. Luckily ratings are starting to leak out for some players and now we have all the team rankings. The ones who first obtained all the team rankings were Tradition Sports Online, glad they posted everything for us NCAA nerds.

EA Sports seems to do a solid job on ranking most teams but there are always several head scratchers. This year is certainly no different. Let's see how the Mountain West fared in their rankings from the digital gods.

Air Force 75 75 73 3
Boise State 89 89 82 6
Colorado State 83 81 80 2
Fresno State 87 89 78 2
Hawaii 79 78 80 2
Nevada 83 83 80 3
New Mexico 65 64 69 1
San Diego State 83 84 79 3
UNLV 63 67 61 2
Wyoming 79 78 80 2

Thoughts on the rankings after the jump.

We'll just go ahead and sort through these rankings in alphabetical order.

Air Force - The military academies never get a lot of love from EA Sports. The Falcons are losing a number of starters from 2011 but they also have plenty of depth. I certainly would not expect this team to be the third worst team in the conference.

Boise State - Despite losing a large number of starters from both sides of the ball the Broncos end up with a 89 overall. I don't have a problem with that ranking given the success that Boise State has had the last several years. The six for prestige is overboard. Don't really see how Boise could be ranked ahead of Nebraska or Wisconsin in that area.

Colorado State - Does someone at EA owe Jack Graham a huge favor? A team with three straight 3-9 finishes that just lost it's best defensive players, installs a new offense and somehow earns a 83 overall. The Rams need to be down in the mid to upper 70's.

Fresno State - A California bump? The Bulldogs have a first year head coach, switching to the spread and lost their top wide receiver. That 89 rating for the offense seems awfully generous. They will give up plenty of points with their defense that is a 78.

Nevada - The Wolfpack come into the Mountain West with a 83 overall rating and a prestige of 3. That certainly seems like a fair rating that may be lower then it should be.

New Mexico - The Lobos nearly hit the 70 mark for their defense. Still a 64 overall with a 1 for prestige. They fact that they weren't the worst team in NCAA football or the Mountain West is a great achievement for Bob Davie already.

San Diego State - So the Aztecs lost Ronnie Hillman and Ryan Lindley. Yet their offense still stays high enough for an 83 ranking. I don't think so Tim. That 3 prestige must have been what intrigued the Big East so much.

UNLV - The Rebels have the worst ranking of any team in the Mountain West. That New Mexico-UNLV game will be real exciting this year. UMass and UTSA are both tied with UNLV at a 63 rating. Only Florida Atlantic (60) is lower.

Wyoming - EA Sports is not generally kind to the Cowboys. How the defense was rated higher then the offense boggles my mind. The fact that the Rams are rated higher is really what pisses me off here. If they add Pistol Pete back in the game that will help soothe my compaints.

As far as the Pokes non conference schedule opponents go:

Texas - 99 overall

Toledo - 83 overall

Idaho - 65 overall

The defense for the Longhorns is a 99 while the offense is a 91. That will not be an easy game to start off the year.

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