Marcus Harris Inducted Into SB Nation Hall Of Fame!

Mission accomplished!

When SB Nation introduced their College Football Hall of Fame project several weeks ago I was very excited. I figured it would give some players more exposure for their accomplishments. Wyoming has had plenty of excellent players that haven't really gotten much as credit as they deserved.

I nominated wide receiver Marcus Harris as the Cowboy Altitude nominee. Randy Moss of Marshall won the first automatic induction, however Harris was able to make it to the top five and enter the fan vote portion. He was facing some big names with players that have had outstanding NFL careers: Jerry Rice, Torry Holt and Calvin Johnson.

Thanks to a big effort from Wyoming fans, Harris was able to land 53% of the vote and secure his spot in the SB Nation Hall of Fame.

Great to see a Wyoming legend get some respect from college football fans. Hopefully it won't be long till Harris finds his rightful spot in the College Football Hall of Fame.

Here is a list of all the wide receivers that were nominated:

WR Taylor Stubblefield, Purdue

WR Torry Holt, N.C. State

WR Ricky Proehl, Wake Forest

WR Anthony Carter, Michigan

WR Marvin Harrison, Syracuse

WR Jerry Rice, Mississippi Valley State

WR Chuck Hughes, UTEP

WR Eric Moulds, Mississippi State

WR Randy Moss, Marshall*

WR Mike Hass, Oregon State

WR Herman Moore, Virginia

WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech

WR Bobby Engram, Penn State

WR Marcus Harris, Wyoming*

WR Vincent Marshall, Houston

* = Inducted.

It seemed the other big winner in this fan vote was the University of Nebraska. They were able to elect Coach Tom Osborne, QB Tommie Frazier and OL Dave Rimington.

There was huge battle between Osborne and Hayden Fry for the head coach spot. Iowa fans seem to think that Husker fans cheated with their record breaking 52,857 votes. They are probably right.

At least the Hawkeyes can be happy knowing that TE Dallas Clark and KR Tim Dwight both were selected to the hall.

Read this to check out the full list of inductees and nominees.

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