Panel Of Pokes: Mission To Moscow

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FULL DISCLOSURE: I own the full box set of the Police Academy movies. #2 is the best.

The Cowboys are heading to Moscow (idaho) with a mission. To get their first win of the season and help turn this season around. Hopefully the result will be better then the final installment of the Police Academy series.

In our Yahoo Pick Em group we have a tight race still. Group # is 12190 and password is gowyo if you are interested in joining.

Here are the top five. Eight people are actually tied for second place. Last week 21 people got eight out of nine picks correct. Guess which one they missed.

SoDak Poke 21
Beachpoke 21
mrtnt3x 20
Wyoming Cowboys All Day 20 20

Our panel has their picks posted after the jump. Brad wrote another novel this week so make sure you grab a blanket, pillow and a snack so you are comfortable while reading it.

Ian McMackin - GoWyoGo

Poke Pick: WR Jalen Claiborne: He has showed some ability to make plays and if Robert Herron doesn't go, he will be the option for big plays at WR.

Game Thoughts: Lets see how the Cowboys can perform with their backs against the wall. I think the potential of this team is better than 0-3 and I don't believe this season is done, though this is a critical game and can't afford to go 0-4, since it would then be an up hill climb to bowl eligibility.

Score Prediction: WYOMING 31 IDAHO 23


Matt Blaylock - Poke Pride

Poke Pick: Blair Burns

The Pokes D' should finally should be able to stop a teams run. Idaho averages 39.6 yards per game rushing the ball, yes The Cowboys have not been able to stop the run and the defense has to step up somewhere and against the Vandals bad rushing offenses is a perfect place to start. Know that the Vandals will have to rely on the pass Wyoming will make sure the secondary is ready and they should have a solid day and the turnover margin should be pretty nice in the Pokes favor making it easy for Wyoming no matter who the quarterback is to run up the score.

Final Score: Wyoming 45 - Idaho 9


Brad Reed - WyoNation

Poke Pick: Shaun Wick. Wick needs to have a big games for the Cowboys this week to avoid another loss. Wick had a decent game vs Cal Poly but needs to put together more yards for the Cowboys to have success. At the time of writing this Brett Smith is still listed as doubtful. If Colby Kirkegaard is called upon to lead the Cowboys they're going to need a strong running game to get the offense going. Last week Kirkegaard was working with a pretty limited playbook with little big play opportunities available to him. Wick needs to make the big plays happen for the Cowboys to succeed.

Idaho, much like Wyoming, is sitting at 0-3. The Vandals hung around with LSU last weekend for a couple of quarters but things really got out of hand in the second half as LSU put up a lot of points in a hurry. The Vandals are likely going to be a very hungry team, much like the Cowboys, and will be hunting for that first win. On paper this game looks like a pretty good opportunity for the Pokes to pick up a win but the last couple of weeks have been pretty shaky. The nice thing for the Cowboys playing in Moscow this week is it will give the Pokes a little bit of exposure in the Pacific Northwest, a hotspot for Cowboy recruiting lately.. perhaps being in the PNW will give a boost to the Cowboy players who are PNW natives and likely to have a fair amount of family in attendance. Will this be enough to give the Pokes some momentum to get a W in this game? To get that W the Cowboys need to establish a solid running game, something that hasn't happened in any game this season. Along with getting the running game going the coaching staff has to open up opportunities for Colby Kirkegaard to succeed and let him take some shots down field and open up that passing attack. The Idaho Vandals aren't known as a rushing team but you have to think that they're going to try to run through the middle of the defense given the Cowboys woes in stopping the run. The Pokes are giving up an average of 270 yards/game right now rushing.. that seems really high, right? Idaho will try to keep that average going if they want to win the football game. If the Pokes can stop the Idaho passing attack, limit the rushing, and somehow find their offense I think the Pokes can pull this out. A lot of pressure on the coaching staff to win this game as the season is going to quickly spiral out of control if they can't find a W this weekend, and bowl hopes will likely be gone.

Score: Cowboys 24, Vandals 21.


Matt Hargleroad - Cowboy Altitude

Poke Pick: I expect D.J. May to shine this week. He is the only Cowboy to average more then 4 yards per carry this year. With Brandon Miller doubtful it will give May some additional carries and he will make the most of them.

Nothing has gone according to plan for the Cowboys this year. After losing at home to a FCS school the Cowboys now face a FBS team on the road. While Idaho has not had much success recently, they can still be a dangerous team. The Cowboys let Cal Poly get off to a hot start and look how that worked out. I've been predicting Cowboy wins the last two weeks and that hasn't worked out. This week I'm going with some reverse psychology by predicting a loss.

Idaho 31 Wyoming 24

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