Who Will Lead The Cowboys In Rushing This Year?

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With a third of the season complete, no one has emerged as the the top running back for the Wyoming Cowboys.

The running game has not been very effective this season for the Cowboys. As a team the Pokes are averaging just 117 yards rushing per game. Last year they averaged 181 yards on the ground. We're not going to play the blame game here on why the numbers have dropped off. It may be the offensive line or the loss of veteran backs or a combination of the two.

What we I'm wondering right now is who will lead the Cowboys in rushing when the season is finished. There are eight regular season games remaining and no one has established themselves as a consistent weapon at running back. Brett Smith led the team in rushing last year, his ground numbers are down this year so far, while his passing yards are way up. With his head injury and the emergence of Jason Thompson, we may see even less rushing from Smith the rest of the way.

Here are the current rushing stats for Wyoming:

Name Attempts Yards TD's YPC Yards/G

Brandon Miller






Brett Smith






Shaun Wick






D.J. May






Jason Thompson






Only 21 yards seperate first and fourth on the list. This race is wide open.

There are two other running backs that haven't even seen the field yet. If Nehemie Kankolongo or Kody Sutton get into the mix and have a big game, they could easily become the leader here. 119 yards can be made up in one game if a big run is broken.

Like last year the running back with the least amount of carries has the highest yard per carry. D.J. May was very effective against Toledo with 64 yards on eight carries. He's only had nine carries combined in the two games following that performance. Last Ghalli Muhammad averaged 6.32 yards per carry but only got 7.5 attempts per game.

Wick is the only running back to find the end zone this year. He was able to score three times in goal line sitatutions against Cal Poly. He only ran once in the Idaho game before leaving with an injury. Smith has the potential to break open a big run at any time, but the team wants to have someone else lead the rushing attack if possible. Miller has been the top option this year but is barely averaging over three yards per carry. He seems to be more effective as a receiver, last year he played both positions.

The running game will need to improve if the Cowboys want to make a run in the Mountain West. Getting more yards per carry will make thirds down shorter and allow more conversions. Please vote in the poll and post in the comments who you think will end up leading the Cowboys in rushing this year.

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