Mountain West Monday: The Roughest Of Starts

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Week one bring plenty of despair for the Mountain West.

With opening weekend the Mountain West had teams playing over three different days.  Unfortunately the trend for all of those days was disappointment.  Debuting a new 12 team league the the conference ended up with an overall 3-9 record.  Only one of those wins was actually over an FBS opponent.

We're going to do this segment a little differently than previous years.  Instead of going alphabetical we'll use go in the order of power rankings.  These rankings are fully my opinion and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments

1. Fresno State: 1-0 after 52-51 OT win over Rutgers

This was the best game of the week and the only victory that is worth much.  Derek Carr took a school record 74 passing attempts.  Those who stayed up late on Thursday night were rewarded a seesaw battle that lasted past midnight local time.  The Bulldogs are certainly the early favorites to be league champs.

2. Boise State: 0-1 after 38-6 loss at Washington

You're probably saying "They lost by 22 points, how can they be second you big dummy?".  This was an incredibly surprising and disappointing loss or the Broncos.  However their ranking is based more on their coaching and previous body of work.  You know Coach Peterson is not going to let his team continue to play at this level.  They will bounce back.

3. San Jose State: 1-0 after 24-0 win over Sacramento State

The Spartans weren't stellar in their shutout victory of FCS Sacramento State.  Still this is a talented team that has now won eight games in a row.  A huge test awaits as the they take a short trek to play at Stanford next week.  Can David Fales lead his team to a huge upset?  The Mountain West need some good publicity like that.

4. Wyoming Cowboys: 0-1 after 37-34 loss at Nebraska

When it seemed the Nebraska Cornhuskers were about to the game away, the Cowboys rallied back to bring the gap to three.  Their potential game winning drive ended up failing as the clock ran out.  Still their 602 yards of offense proved that this team is dangerous and knows how to move the ball.  Playing with that same level of performance each week should mean good things for the Pokes.

5. Utah State: 0-1 after 30-26 loss at Utah

The Aggies certainly have the potential to be one of the top teams in the conference.  Chuckie Keeton is already in midseason form as he produced 399 yards of total offense and scored three touchdowns.  They could easily be flipflopped with Wyoming in this ranking.  Utah State will play it's first ever Mountain West conference game on Saturday when they travel to Air Force.  A week four trip to USC has the potential to be a huge win.

6.  Air Force: 1-0 after 38-13 victory over Colgate

The Falcons were one of only three teams to win in week one.  Still beating up on Colgate is not much to write home about.  The Falcons will know a lot about their Mountain West title chances quickly as they face Utah State, Boise State and Wyoming on each of the next three weeks.

7.  Nevada: 0-1 after 58-20 loss at UCLA

This was not the debut that Brian Polian wanted after taking over in Reno.  UCLA is a quality opponent but the Wolf Pack managed just 353 yards of total offense.  After playing UC-Davis the Pack will then face a road game with Florida State.  Hope this team bounces back even though Chris Ault has moved on.

8. San Deigo State 0-1 ater 40-19 loss to Eastern Illinois

This didn't seem to be anything like that Aztec team won a share of the Mountain West title last year.  Adam Dingwell threw four interceptions in what was the worst loss of the week.  There is still plenty of talent on the roster and time to right the ship.

#9-12  Hawaii, Colorado State, New Mexico and UNLV in no certain order.

All four teams suffered big losses and didn't provide much hope for this season.  No need to rub further salt in those wounds.

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