Panel Of Pokes: Get Vandalized


The Cowboys look to put on a show in War Memorial Stadium. Our panel breaks down the home opener for the Pokes.

First off, one of the best websites in college football is "Get Vandalized" that University of Idaho released last year.  Make sure you spend some time on there making your own Vandal.

Also there is still time for to get signed up for our College Football Pick Em Contest.  You may have missed week one but everyone got off to a rough start.  I ended up in last place since I forgot to pick any of the games on Saturday, DOH!

Here is the link to the league - PASSWORD is POKES.

Here are your top 5 leaders after week one.

Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 BlackBoisDen Broncos 5 5-2
2 BYUCougs 4 4-3
2 beachpoke 4 4-3
2 Poke Pride 4 4-3
2 All WY Do Is Win! 4 4-3

Here is the latest from Panel on the matchup between the Pokes and Vandals.


Ian McMackin - GoWyoGo

Poke Pick: QB Brett Smith

Score Prediction: Wyoming 52 Idaho 20

Thoughts on game: My feeling about the upside potential of the Wyoming offense came to fruition on Saturday versus Nebraska and I expect the Brett Smith led offense is going to move the ball at will against Idaho and most of their opponents this season. I also see the possibilities of the Wyoming defense showing improvement over last year, as they look bigger and more physical than the past several years. It looks to be an exciting season for Wyoming fans and it will start on Saturday versus the Idaho Vandals.

Dave Christensen said his team had their best practice in five years on Monday and it's an indication this team is ready to go out and improve themselves. Pokes will come out on fire this Saturday.


Brad Reed - WyoNation

Poke Pick: Shaun Wick. I think Brett Smith and Co will have a nice game, but if this one gets out of hand I'm thinking the running game is going to get a workout. They're going to grind the clock and try to end it with the minimum amount of injuries. Will this be the week we see the offensive coaching staff flex their rushing muscles?

Score Prediction:
Wyoming 48, Idaho 10. Poor Vandals.. they played the Pokes close last season, but this isn't last season and they just got beaten badly by a poor Sun Belt team. The Pokes are coming off of a terrific (but losing) performance against Nebraska. The Pokes put 600 yards offense on the Blackshirts.. Idaho does have black jerseys, but it's not the same.

Thoughts on game:
This one's likely going to get out of hand early. Idaho head man Paul Petrino has a massive project ahead of him at Idaho and it's not going to get any easier for him this week. Idaho is replacing a few players from last season, including their starting quarterback. Their growing pains will continue against an improved Pokes offense. Last week was very encouraging for the Cowboy offense. The offensive line protected Brett Smith well and opened up some nice holes for Shaun Wick. The team is moving at a much quicker pace and is going to tire a lot of defenses out, especially when they get up to 7200 feet. Idaho doesn't have the depth on defense to keep up with a fast paced Cowboy offense. One thing that worries me about this game is the Pokes had to get up for a big opponent in a top 10 college football atmosphere. Will the Pokes be able to keep that momentum and tempo going against a much lesser opponent? Hopefully the Pokes are not overlooking Idaho or we could see a similar result as we did last year, and that would be awful. The Pokes need to keep their swagger and confidence going throughout the season if they want any chance to win the Mountain division and play for a shot in the Mountain West title game.


Connor Cunningham - WyoNation

Poke Pick: Shaun Wick- Wick fan for over a 100 yards last week and looked good against the "blackshirts." With Brett Smith coming off of a huge performance against Nebraska, which included 92 rushing yards, much of the focus will be on #16. I think Wick will have a lot of room to run against a defense that gave up 600 yards to North Texas.

Score: 45-13

Thoughts on game: Idaho's defense is bad, they gave up 600 yards of offense to North Texas in a 40-6 loss. I don't expect our offense to have any type of decline coming off what was an impressive performance in Lincoln and they will have their way with Idaho. Expect the defensive to perform better and force some turnovers against an offense that is far less superior than that of Nebraska's.


Matt Hargleroad - Cowboy Altitude

Pokes Pick: Robert Herron

The Cornhuskers did their best to contain Herron in the season opener and he still nearly ended up with 100 yard receiving.  The young and inexperienced secondary of Idaho will not be able to contain the speedy Herron.   In the season opener Brett Smith threw a majority of shorter routes.  I'd expect him to air things quite a bit more and Herron will be the big beneficiary.  I'd look for him to finish with over 150 yards and two scores.

Score: Wyoming 37 Idaho 17

Thoughts: After a heartbreaking loss to Nebraska the Cowboys are ready to push the pedal to the medal this Saturday,  The Pokes are in high spirits and their confidence has been boosted.  If the defense can do their job then this game will not even be close.


Matt Blaylock - PokePride

Poke Pick: Robert Herron

Score: Pokes 44 Vandals 10

Thoughts: This game on paper should be a cake walk for Wyoming. They stayed with the 18th ranked team in the country and put up over 600 yards. Against a team like Idaho who is in the first year of a new coach The Pokes should roll up 700 or 800 yards (yes I know it will not happen) and with yards like that points should rack up, 44 on the scoreboard for Wyoming may be low because it seems like with this team anything is possible.

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