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No Mtn on the DISH

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Interesting article from the Lots of folks in Wyoming have the DISH network since cable is not an option where they live. This makes it impossible for fans to watch the Cowboys most of the year. Negotiations have stalled and it doesn't seem like anyone is very optimistic about anything being settled soon.

I can relate to everyone who can't watch the Cowboys. I live in Washington State and I'm a Comcast customer. Comcast does carry the Mtn if you live in Wyoming, Colorado, etc... but not for other markets. Only two games that were televised for me were vs Texas and Colorado. I'm shutout for the rest of the season.

I have the bonus sports package that adds all the CBS College Stations but the Mtn is not included. CBS owns the Mtn so they should make sure their premier sports network is bundled with the rest of their sports channels.

The Big 10 Network is included with my sports package so they should add the Mtn as well. I really don't want to have to switch to DirectTV just to watch the sports teams I want.

I did call my local Comcast branch and tell them to carry the Mtn. The representative had never heard of the channel before.