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Fresno - Wyoming Stat Comparison

Here is a quick look at the statistical comparison between the Cowboys and Bulldogs. Fresno obviously has an impressive offense. The key for the Cowboys will be limiting their mistakes on penalties and making the most of the Bulldog turnovers.

If Wyoming can keep use their run game to control the clock and keep Fresno off the field then they have a shot at pulling out a victory. The Bulldogs hope to make this game a shootout and they will win if that happens.

Austyn Carta-Samuels shouldn't be under much pressure since Fresno ranked dead last in sacks this year. That extra time should help him find an open reciever or bust out a long run.

Category Wyoming Fresno State
Scoring Offense (PPG) 16.9 34.3
Rushing Offense (Yards) 128.0 231.58
Passing Offense (Yards) 107.7 204.8
Total Offense (Yards) 298.7 435.9
Turnover Margin (season) +7 -9
Penalties (Yards per G) 61.7 37.8
3rd Down Conversions 33.87 45.73
Red Zone Conversions 74.19% 81.63%
Time of Possession 28:22 32:19
Total Defense (Yards) 394.3 411.7
Opponent 3rd Down Conv. 40.24 39.04
Sacks (Per Game) 20 9