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Leach fired. Would he ever come to Laramie?

The maestro of the spread offense Mike Leach has been unceremoniously fired by Texas Tech just three days before his team was to play in the Alamo Bowl. Leach was suspended after a player Adam James complained after being put in a dark room after he suffered a concussion. Which is what doctors recommend when someone suffers a head injury of that type.

So I think Leach was wrongfully fired but maybe Texas Tech had other reasons for letting him go. Leach signed a five year $12.7 million contract extension in February was owed $800,000 after December 31st.

Known as an odd charecter Leach ruffled some feathers as he went but really put the Red Raiders in the spotlight. A number of players and staff have supported him during this episode.

So this is probably a huge pipe dream but I would love for Leach to come to Wyoming. Not to takeover as Head Coach - Coach Christensen has done a fantastic job. But Dan Hammerschmidt just left yesterday as assistant/wide reciever coach and the Pokes need to fill that position relatively soon.

Some reasons why Leach would be a good fit:

He knows the spread. He loves the spread. Could really bring a wealth of knowledge to the team and the passing game. Just don't let him near the defense.

Leach could lay low for a couple years in Laramie. He has plenty of money and could just enjoy coaching for the fun of it before deciding to taking a head coaching job at a larger program.

Name recognition. Wyoming would get a lot of press for hiring a coach like Leach. This would boost recruiting efforts and hopefully even bring a few recruits from Lubbock to Laramie.

Reasons why it wouldn't work:

Not enough room in Laramie for Christensen and Leach. After being a head coach it would tough for Leach to take a job as an assistant. With his persona it would be tough for Leach to play second fiddle.

Leach only wants to be a head coach. Wants to be in larger market/conference.

He would make fun of the players "fat little girlfriends"

It will be interesting to watch how this whole scenario plays out but I wish Mike Leach the best. I'm just glad that UNLV hired Bobby Hauck so that Leach didn't end up there. Doubtful that Leach ever ends up in Laramie but it is fun to dream. At the very least Tom Burman should pick up the phone and reach out to Leach.