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Less than 20 hours till kickoff

T-Minus 21 hours and counting. All the work has been done. The tickets have been sold.

Reall this is a win-win situation for the Cowboys. They weren't supposed to even be here. Projected to finish last in the Mountain West they finished fifth.

Everyone is picking Fresno to roll in this bowl. Fans you have actually paid attention to the Cowboys know that this team is capable of pulling of some amazing things.

If we lose? Well we got some extra practices, helped our recruiting and got some extra national exposure by playing on ESPN. No harm done.

If we win? Wyoming gets even more national press and the momentum for 2010 gets even bigger.

So the Cowboys can really do no wrong. Unless the game is a complete blowout - which it won't be with Fresno's awful defense.

Go Pokes!


Wyoming -34
Fresno - 30