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Not much love for the New Mexico Bowl

I'm pumped for the New Mexico Bowl but the National Media doesn't seem to follow my excitement for the December 19th mathcup. The fact that they hardly ever cover Wyoming could play into that.

I watched the 3 hour ESPN Bowl Selection Special and they only covered about half the bowls being played. They had 180 minutes and most of it was spent recaping the BCS matchups eight times. They did have a ticker on the right side of the screen that showed all the bowls and matchups which included the New Mexico Bowl. But for a bowl that is on ESPN and kicks off the Bowl season they could have used 30 seconds.

Mark Sclabach of ESPN ranks the NM Bowl 30 out of 34 and just focuses on Fresno RB Ryan Matthews.

Mike Huguenin from Rivals/Yahoo slots the New Mexico Bowl at 31 0f 34. Though it could move up to 30 if Army upsets Navy this weekend and takes UCLA's spot in the EagleBank Bowl.

Stewart Mandel of also ranks Fresno State vs. Wyoming as #30.

All three have the Little Ceasars Pizza Bowl ranked #34 which features Marhsall vs Ohio as. I guess cold weather and bad pizza makes is a losing combination.