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Pokes appear aheaded to New Mexico Bowl

Article from the Casper Tribune.

No formal announcement will be made until Sunday when the BCS selection show happens on FOX at 6pm MST. But according to UW Athletic Director Tom Burman

" indications are that that is the plan and our football team is going to prepare like we are playing on the 19th."

The New Mexico Bowl takes place on December 19th at 2:30 MST and is the official kickoff to the College Bowl season. Their opponent will come from the WAC and looks to be either Fresno State or Nevada.

If the Cowboys don't end up in New Mexico the other options are the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth or the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise. Air Force appears headed towards the Armed Forces Bowl but this would be their third appearance in a row. So if the Bowl decided to change change things up the Cowboys could end up in Fort Worth. That appears to be a pretty slim chance.

To order tickets through UW use this order form to help the school sell their allotment of tickets. Tickets are $30 or $23 for the Bowl.