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Possibilities for Asst/WR Coach

Now that Hammerschmidt is gone, who will be the latest addition to the Wyoming coaching staff?

There are two options Coach Christensen could take here. Promote one of his current staff members to Assistant Coach and then just bring in a new body to handle the Receivers. For the sake of this article I'm going say that the new coach that is brought in will assume the same duties that Hammerschmidt had: Asst coach/WR's coach. This is a more prestigous title and could help bring in an up and comer who will jump at the chance to grab an Asst job.

The former colleague:

Andy Hill - 14 years at Mizzou with all but one spent working with primarily the WR's. Obviously he has worked with Christensen before and knows the offense. Helped Jeremy Maclin become one of the top recievers in 2008. Might not want to leave Columbia after being there so long or maybe there is a reason he hasn't been promoted earlier.

Regional D1 WR Coaches:

Luther Carr - WR Coach/Recruiting Coordinator at Idaho. Would be a huge boost towards recruiting the Northwest where Wyoming is starting to grab some recruits. The Vandals boasted the 12th highest passing attack this season. Has always stayed in the Palouse area so it may be hard to draw him away form the inland Northwest.

Guy Holliday - Has helped the UTEP Miners produce one of the most productive offenses over the past two years. A veteran coach Holliday has had success in nearly every stop in his career. Seventeen of his former players have signed professional contracts.

FCS Coaches:

A number of coaches from regional FCS schools have very productive offenses and could be looking to take the next step up to a Mountain West program.

Robin Pflugard - Montana WR Coach. Has experience at Oregon, Washington State and Arizona State.

Steve Cox
- Weber State WR Coach. Veteran coach who served under Tommy Tuberville at Auburn for one season.

Paul Peterson
- QB/WR/Recruiting Coordinator at Southern Utah. Played at Snow College and Boston College.

Former Pokes:

Jovon Bouknight - Former standout for the Pokes. Just got the WR job at Utah State. Not qualified to be a Asst coach but could do a great job with the WR corp.