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Adios FOX

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ABC is broadcasting the Championship tonight but this year is the final year a BCS game will be on FOX. This day could not have come soon enough. I detest most FOX sports broadcasts but their College football is by far the worst. Every game they use NFL announcers who have no familiarity with the college players and then try and fill four hours with bad puns and boring stories. The Fiesta Bowl was ruined by the FOX announcers and commercials every 2 minutes.

Nearly every FOX broadcast is turned into a generic event that is all about cramming as many commercials into a game. Thom Brennaman and Joe Buck know how to take the life out any experience.

Starting in 2011 ESPN/ABC will take over the BCS broadcasts. Hey, they actually cover college football year round. The Rose Bowl will remain on ABC while every other BCS game will air on ESPN. Hooray! The new contract runs through 2014.


See ya Fox. Please don't try and bid on college football again. If you want to give up the World Series and NFL I would appreciate that as well.

Your Pal,

The Road