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Afam Muojeke out. But for how long?

Afam Muojeke only played eight minutes last night before running into BYU's Taylor Haws and injuring his knee. This is the same knee Muojeke injured earlier in the season that caused to miss several games with a bruised patellar tendon.

After the injury Muojeke was able to limp off the floor under his own power but when he returned in the second half it was with crutches.

An MRI will be done today to determine the extent of the damage and how long Muojeke could be out.

Losing their leading scorer will be quite a loss for the Pokes. The good news is that Wyoming is off until the 27th when they host Utah. If Muojeke is out for a longer period of time Ryan Dermody and A.J. Davis stand to see much more playing time.