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Hoops: Rotation down the stretch


With Afam Muojeke out the remainder of this season the Pokes rotation could get a overhaul with 11 games remaining in the regular season. With a 1-4 conference record so far Wyoming should focus on getting the younger players as much playing time as possible to help speed their development.

I'm not saying bench the starters but aside from Adam Waddell no one really has a starting spot locked down in my opinion.

So a college basketball game has 200 minutes in regulation. Here is my ideal rotation for the remainder of the season.


30 minutes - Adam Waddell could be the center of the Pokes offense now with Muojeke out. Should continue to start and see plenty of minutes.

10 minutes - Boubacar Sylla has seen less minutes lately but sitting on the bench isn't going to help his development. He should play at least 10 minutes each game.

Power Forward:

18 minutes - Amath M'Baye. Has a trouble with fouls but provides great energy off the bench. M'Baye should have a chance at starting and see if that helps his game.

15 minutes -Djibril Thiam has been the starter here for most for most of the season averaging 9/5. Thiam will be a Senior next year and will still have the inside track on starting next year.

7 minutes - Daylen Harrison is a rollie pollie 6'6 220 lbs bowling ball. His body type gives him the widest size on the Pokes front court. Also want him to see 7 minutes at SF for a total of 14 minutes to see what the kid can do.

Small Forward:

20 minutes - A.J. Davis at 6'6 is a versatile wingman. Want to see what he can do at the three spot for most of each game.

13 minutes -Ryan Dermody. A three point threat but has shoot only33% from the field this year. Should start on Senior Day as he is the only Senior on the team.

7 minutes - Daylen Harrison another 7 minutes per game at SF for him. Give the Pokes a little bit larger lineup at times.

Shooting Guard:

30 minutes - Arthur Bouedo has shown moments of brilliance at times this season. Since he sat out of the first half of the season let's make him a primary option in the offense for the rest of this year.

10 minutes - Desmar Jackson at 6'5 is a combo guard that has shown some nice hustle on defense lately. His size and passing abilities could him in handy when he is on the floor at the same time as Luster.

Point Guard:

25 minutes - Jaydee Luster is the team captain and does a nice job of distibuting the ball. His offensive game is improving with a new found ability to hit the three.

15 minutes - Desmar Jackson should see lots of playing time down the stretch. Hopefully he can average 20-25 minutes a game while playing the 1 and 2 for the Pokes.


Waddell - 30 minutes
Bouedo - 30 minutes
Jackson - 25 minutes
Luster - 25 minutes
Davis - 20 minutes
M'Baye - 18 minutes
Thiam - 15 minutes
Harrison - 14 minutes
Dermody - 13 minutes
Sylla - 10 Minutes

What do you think? Who deserves more minutes? Less?

Interested to see what lineup Schroyer throws out there on Wednesday against the Utes. Let's see what some of these guys can do... who will become a LEADER on the team?