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Kenny G?

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The Cowboy and Cowgirls hoops teams have the weekend off so I was watching the East West Shrine game in Orlando, FL. A number of Mountain West players are playing and Max Hall wasn't very impressive.

At halftime they were interviewing Todd McShay from ESPN who was at the game. The commentators were going over McShay's top 5 picks for the NFL draft but you can barely hear him because their is smooth jazz is being pumped into stadium.

Turns out Kenny G is the halftime show for the East West Game. Seriously? Kenny G? Of all things that are anti-football and terrible entertainment for a halftime show I'm pretty sure that Kenny G is at the top of the list. Celine Dion would be a better choice... barely.

Are there no local high school marching bands that could perform? A contest involving little kids? Kids are always cute - especially if you dress them up in over sized t shirts and make them do athletic activities that they don't have the motor skills to perform.


Other tidbit I heard watching the game. Eastern Washington had their QB Matt Nichols playing and apparently EWU has received the "ok" from the Big Sky Conference and the NCAA if they want to use RED TURF in their stadium. I actually like the idea - would help bring some publicity to Cheney, Washington which is hard to do. It has to look better than Boise's blue turf - right?