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Mountain West Conference Standings: 1/20/10

Mountain West Conference
Brigham Young 3-0 18-1
Colorado State 2-1 11-6
San Diego State 3-2 14-5
New Mexico 2-2 16-3
UNLV 2-2 14-4
TCU 2-2 9-9
Utah 2-2 9-9
Wyoming 1-3 8-10
Air Force 0-3 8-8

Updated standings after San Diego State knocked off Utah on the road 70-68. BYU is great and Air Force is bad. For the most part teams 2-8 are all dangerous. Only 4 or 4 games in to the conference schedule makes it a little hard to see how all the teams match up. Quite a few upsets so far this season. Too many losses could prevent the Mountain West from getting three or even four teams into the NCAA tournament.