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Mountain West Standings: 1/25/10

Mountain West Conference Standings

Conf All
BYU (14) 5-0 20-1
New Mexico 4-2 18-3
UNLV 4-2 16-4
Utah 3-2 10-9
San Diego St. 3-3 14-6
Colorado St. 2-3 11-8
TCU 2-3 10-10
Wyoming 1-4 8-11
Air Force 0-5 8-10

BYU showed they are still one of the top teams in the country with their road win over San Diego State. New Mexico is back on track after a couple weeks of struggles. This week Wyoming faces Utah and Air Force. A split is likely since it could be tough to knock off Utah. If the Pokes lose to Air Force then the rest of the season could be really ugly without Muojeke.