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MWC Hoops: Power Poll

Mountain West Connection does a power poll for football and Men's hoops. The first poll is coming out tomorrow and wanted to share my ballot. Poll will come out ever Monday through the rest of the regular season.

My ballot.

#1. BYU Cougars

#2. UNLV

#3. San Diego State

#4. New Mexico

#5. Colorado State

#6. Utah

#7. Wyoming

#8. TCU

#9. Air Force

The Pokes did beat San Diego State last night but that was without their leading scorer. The Aztecs have also beaten much better opponents this year. Utah is an interesting team this year. The Utes have struggled at times but also beaten some quality opponents. Since we're still only two games into the conference schedule there is still a lot to learn about each team.

We'll see where the Pokes go after this great win on Saturday. Perhaps they have turned a leaf and the presence of Boeudo and improvements of Lester and Muojeke can take them to the next level.