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New Years Day has lost it's luster

What happened to New Years? Growing up January 1st meant a new year and football games on multiple channels all day long. Now we are down to just five games today with another five tommorow. With 34 bowls this season it would be nice to have a bigger selection on the typical day for college football. ESPN is only showing the Gator Bowl that starts at 8am PST and then there is nothing but college basketball and a 30 for 30 marathon. No team from a non BCS conference is playing on New Years - way to keep the little man down. The NHL has crept in with their Winter Classic thanks to the NCAA weakening their football lineup.

Here is my ratings of each bowl in order of interest:

# 1 - The Rose Bowl

Granddaddy of them all is a classic and full of tradition. Oregon and Ohio State is a great matchup and it is nice to not have USC playing on January 1st.

#2 - Outback Bowl

Northwestern is the only Cinderella team playing today. I grew up in Big 10 territory but not a fan of most Big 10 schools. The Wildcats are the one exception and hopefully they can knock off Auburn.

#3 - Capital One Bowl

Even more annoying credit card commercials? Oh Joy! This is OTHER Big 10-SEC matchup and I'd be happy if both teams lose. Penn State vs LSU - yawn.

#4 - Sugar Bowl

Cincinnati loses a coach every other week and most of the game will be spent in an Urban Meyer/Tim Tebow love fest. I've had enough of Florida and can't wait till Tebow is finally gone.

#5 - Gator Bowl

Bobby Bowden is being forced to retire? Good! We should had this game weeks ago. Incase you couldn't tell I pretty much hate the state of Florida and all their sports teams.