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Not an easy road for Christensen

Just found an article from the Everett Herald. Great read! Link is that the bottom.

Long road for Dave Christensen and his family to arrive where he is today. His wife gave up a $100,000 year job to follow Dave and his dream of becoming a head coach. It was a long journey and took 25 years before he finally realized his dream.

Coaches take a lot flack from the media and fans but often times we don't realize much work they really do put in week in and week out. One of my favorite lines from the article.

"There are only 119 of them in the world," he said of his position as head football coach at an NCAA Division I school.

‘Is this all worth it?’
There aren't many jobs that have so few openings. The burn rate is high and most coaches can't last the years it takes to make it to the top.

The hours are tremendous but DC learned a lot from working with Gary Pinkel at Missouri and his "family friendly" philosiphy. Coaches have to go home to their families after practice. This helps keeps Coaches fresh and their families together. Pinkel has practiced this for 17 years and Christensen brought this with him to Laramie.

Link from the article that appeared in DC's hometown newspaper. Also details two other coaches from the area.