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Six Bowl Games for Mountain West in 2010?

Is the Mountain West sticking with the Humanitarian Bowl?

With the addition of the Independence Bowl to the Mountain West Bowl season it seemed like the Mountain West would be dropping it's lowest ranked bowl the Humanitarian Bowl which is played in Boise, ID.

According to Pete Fiutak from College Football News the Mountain West is keeping the affiliation with the Humanitarian Bowl which brings its bowl affiliations up to six from five last year. With TCU making the Fiesta Bowl the Cowboys ended up in New Mexico and Bowling Green filled the MWC slot in Boise since no other Mountain West team had the required six wins. Fiutak does say that there are a few educated guesses in these matchups so maybe something will change. I wrote the Director of the Humanitarian Bowl Kevin McDonald to find out more.

Here is the quick response from Humanitarian Bowl Executive Director Kevin McDonald:

We are working on a four year deal…it should be done in the next 30 days….can’t say which conference!

The Humanitarian Bowl does make sense geographically for the Mountain West but do we really want three bowl matchups versus the WAC in one year? More on that in two paragraphs.

If TCU were to qualify for another BCS game next season the Mountain West could possibly send seven teams to the post season. Though it could be nearly impossible for a league with only nine teams to have seven teams post six victories in the same season.

Bad news for the Mountain West is that the Poinsettia Bowl is dropping it's Pac 10 affiliation for Navy for WAC #5 starting in 2010. The Midshipmen have posted a solid squad the last few years but the the #5 WAC team will be a huge mismatch. Last year Utah embarrassed the Cal Bears in the Poinsettia Bowl. In 2013 the Mountain West team would face the Army Black Knights if they qualify. If you think I'm joking... sorry. Check out the news release from the P Bowl.

Mountain West Bowl Lineup

1) Las Vegas vs. Pac 10 No. 5,

2) Poinsettia vs. Navy or WAC No. 5,
3) Independence vs. ACC No. 7,
4) Armed Forced vs. Conference USA No. 4,

5) New Mexico vs. WAC No. 3,

6) Humanitarian vs. WAC No. 2 ?????