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This game will be much better than the movie

Saturday's game against the New Mexico Lobos will be a "white out" game in Arena-Auditorium. How does this work? Well you came to right my place. Read on!

Step 1: Find a white shirt

Step 2: Find a different white shirt because the first one had nasty pit stains and no one wants to see that.

Step 3: Put head and arms into clean shirt and then pull down.

Step 4: Grab your buddies (all in matching white shirts) and head to the game.

Step 5: Don't let Dave pull that "left my wallet at home" trick when you get to the ticket office. He pulled that one on you twice already this season.

Step 5: Yell like crazy and help the Pokes give the Lobos a rude welcome.

Step 6: Tell any New Mexico fans you see what a great time you had their Bowl game this year.

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