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Geographical breakdown of Pokes Recruiting

Dave Christensen said when he came in that he would recruit far and wide and was willing to look anywhere for players that fit his mold. Well I would say mission accomplished. Previous Wyoming Coaches steered clear of Utah and just focused on Colorado and couple other nearby states.

The Cowboys even went international with their recruiting this year landing two players that played outside the United States.

Here is a breakdown of each state that every recruiting attended before committing to Wyoming. Some of the JC players went to high school elsewhere but I'm placing based on the college location.

Canada - 1
Nehemie Kankolongo - RB

California - 2
Austin Daniels - DB
Justin Dire - OL

Colorado - 5
Riley Lange - DE
Patrick Mertens* - DL
CJ Morgan - WR
Sam Stratton - QB
Tyler Strong - DT

Germany - 1
Oliver Schober - LB

Illinois - 1
Dylan McElveen - DB

Kansas - 1
Nick Puetz - OL

Minnesota -1
Evan Williams - RB

Missouri -2
Skyler Hinton - OL
Darrenn White - ATH

New Mexico - 2
BJ Sumter - DT
Kurt Taufa'asau - DT

Oklahoma - 1
Sonny Pueltasi - DE

Texas - 2
Marqueston Huff - DB
Emory Miller - QB

Utah - 2
DeJay Lester - WR
Mazi Ogbonna - WR

Washington - 2
Travis Bogard - OL/DT
Daniel Fleischman - OL

Wyoming - 1
Drew Martinez - WR

*walked on last year but earned a scholarship this year