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Hammond and Gagliardi go off on UW Basketball

How big was that fish you caught Heath?

Bob Hammond from the Laramie Boomerang must have been checking the Wyoming message boards as his article echoes the chatter from Cowboys fans around the country.

Robert Gagliardi seems to be on board as his article in the Tribune Eagle shows. Something stinks in the Cowboys locker room and it's not the jockstraps.

Cowboy basketball used to have a huge amount of support in the State but attendance has slid quickly over the last three seasons under Schroyer. This year looks to be lowest attendance in the 25 year history of Arena-Auditorium and would be the first time that average attendance falls below 5,000.

Don't expect anything to happen soon as the contract on Schroyer was extended two years after last season and the University can't afford to buy out Schroyer who still has four years left after this year. The media has really jumped on the anti-Schroyer bandwagon recently which many Wyoming fans.