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National Signing Day Eve

The commits were all snug in their beds while dreams of Laramie danced in their heads...

Was tempted to throw out some poetry here but that is not my strong suit. We're just a few hours from the official signing of one of the best classes in recent memory. Coaches aren't allowed to officially comment on athletes before they commit so it will be great to finally get some insight from Coach Christensen and his staff.

With so many impact players from the 2009 class how will the 2010 class stack up? This is certaintly a larger class and the staff had the luxury of time when putting it together. Last year there were only a few weeks to assemble to recruits.

The running back situation will be very intersting to watch in the Fall. Alvester Alexander came on strong towards the end of last year. Nehemie Kankolongo is the Pokes top rated recruit this year and has already enrolled at UW this winter. Evan Williams just committed a couple weeks ago but his highlight video is impressing everyone that catches a glimpse.

We'll have a lot more thoughts and analysis tommorow after the class is officially announced.