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Cowboys sign a rebounder

According to the Casper Star Tribune the Cowboys basketball team has signed F Brian Gibson out of Delgado JC in New Orleans. Gibson currently leads the JUCO ranks with over 14 rebounds a game.

Gibson is old for his year (25 next year) and only 6'8 but he has a wide body and a knack for grabbing rebounds. He also scores 12 points a game but his focus on the boards should be a boost for the Cowboys next year.

I think Schroyer has done a good job this year in recruiting players that fill gaps in the Pokes lineup. Wyoming gets out rebounded nearly every game and Gibson should help quite a bit. With Boubacar Sylla in doubt next year with foot ailments Gibson will provide some more depth down low. Francisco Cruz is a sharpshooter from outside and should help with three pointers.

Hopefully these two have a bigger impact than Thomas Manzano did this year.