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Back to Wyoming News - Scrimmage #3!

Just two weeks till kickoff and things are starting to come together for Wyoming offense. The defense dominated the first two scrimmages but things finally started clicking this morning.

For the full stats from the scrimamge click here.

Here are few highlights that Robert Gagliardi posted on his site:

  • Austyn Carta-Samuels can feel very good about his performance today after going 11 for 13 for 115 yards plus two touchdowns. ACS also added 26 yards on four carries. ACS is really starting to get into a groove with his recievers as evidenced by the TD passes to Aiken (11 yards) and Leonard (15 yards).
  • The offense had a total of 345 yards on the day and improved greatly on turnovers and penalties.
  • Robert Herron saw reps at RB and showed off his speed and ability to cut back. Herron had 17 yards on 4 attempts plus a 27 yard catch. I expect Herron to be utilized at wideout and running back this year. Should be very dangerous when on end arounds.
  • Oliver Schober had an amazing 59 yard pick six off Dax Crum. Schober started in place of Brian Hendricks who dealing with an ankle injury suffered on Wednesday.
  • DeJay Lester saw some action for the first time this year catching two passes for 17 yards. Lester has missed several weeks with a concussion suffered at the beginning of camp.
  • Austin McCoy was 3 for 6 on field goals with one blocked. McCoy will handle the kicking duties in the opener while Ian Watts sits out a one game suspension.