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Big Impact Recruits

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The 2009 recruiting class was a bumper crop of fresh talent that made huge contributions on the field right away. Names like Carta-Samuels, Alexander, Gary, Muhammad all stepped up big time for the Pokes.

This year the depth is greater for the Cowboys and it will be harder for some of these new roster additions to make an impact. Here is a ranking of the 2010 recruiting class members that will see the field this Fall.

  1. Oliver Schober - Came in as a linebacker and found himself handling kickoffs for the Pokes. This German born player has a soccer background and the leg the prove it launching kickoffs several yards into the endzone. Schober should become a special teams dynamo for the Cowboys as well seeing some time at MLB when Brian Hendricks needs a breather.

  2. Robert Herron - The last addition to the Cowboys roster joined the team on the second day of practice. This speedster out of Cali started out at WR but also seen reps at RB recently. Herron has big play ability and if he finds any opening in the defense he should find the endzone.

  3. Jonathon Aiken - Another late addition to the Pokes roster, Aiken has earned himself a scholarship with work after walking on initially. At 6'4 and 208lbs "Slim" looks to be the big target that ACS was missing last year. He is still adjusting to the speed of the game after playing the last two years at Ellsworth CC in Iowa. Aiken should do a lot for the Cowboys and could have a bigger impact than Herron.

  4. Mazi Ogbonna - After coming out of of Snow College last year Ogbonna looks more polished then Herron and Aiken but not sure if he has the game changing ability of either one. Should see plenty of balls thrown his way this season.

  5. Justin DiRe - Of the linemen that were recruited for this year Dire recieved the least press while coming out of San Diego. He is a very mobile bigman and great at blocking past the line of scrimmage. DiRe has worked his way onto the second team spot at Tackle and expect him to see several reps on the line each game.

  6. Nehemie Kankolongo - Came into camp as the starter at RB but after a one game suspension and a knee injury we're not sure how much of an impact he will make this year. If the knee proves stable (MRI was negative) then he could see time at RB this year.
  7. Dejay Lester - Lester came in with Ogbonna but has limited so far this Fall due to a concussion suffered early on. He is back and did participate in the scrimmage grabbing a couple passes. Lester is a solid reciever but he doesn't have the size or speed of those listed above him.
  8. Marqueston Huff - Huff will be a playmaker for the Pokes. Whether that happens this year or not is to be determined. Huff is currently second at the CB spot behind the Gipson's so he should see some time in dime formations. Expect him to be a starter next year.
  9. Kurt Taufa'asau - The DT from JUCO New Mexico Military Institute has shown improvement during camp but the altitude and competition have slowed down his adjustment. Expect him to see sometime on the DLine this year but not right away.