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Counting down the days

We're down to single digits days before the Cowboys kickoff their season on September 4th. The actual college football season starts off on Thursday with 18 games with the highlight being Utah visiting Pittsburgh and USC flying out to Hawaii.

This has been a very long offseason and all of the conference realignment drama is starting to wear on everyone. After the June craziness settled down it seemed we could focus on football. Then BYU and the WAC started courting each other till the Mountain West snagged Nevada and Fresno State. BYU has till September 1st to decide if they are leaving the Mountain West to go independent or otherwise.

So playing some football would be a really nice change of pace right now. And that wish is finally going to come true.

So what to expect this week on Cowboy Altitude?

Monday - Mountain West News

Tuesday - Preview of Southern Utah @ Wyoming

Wednesday - Wyoming Offense Breakdown

Thursday - Wyoming Defense Breakdown

Friday - Pre Game Information

Saturday - Game Time!

Also, incase you missed it Eric Schmoldt of the Casper Star Tribune did a great job of the season preview that debuted today featuring articles on several great topics. Here are the links to each story: stadium upgrades, crazy summer for mwc and uw, offense is expected to rise up, new team slogan, veteran secondary, schedule breakdown, o-line says they aren't weak, new 4-3 defense.