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Defense dominates in first scrimmage!

Robert Gagliardi did a live blog of the Cowboys first scrimmage this morning in which the defense showed it's preparedness. Last time the score was updated the Defense led 48-25. How can a defense score points you ask?

Here is how the scoring works in the scrimmage courtesy the UW press release:

A scoring system will be utilized that will award the offense and defense points
based on certain plays. The offense will earn a normal six points for a
touchdown, one point for a point-after-touchdown, two points for a two-point PAT
and three points for a field goal. In addition, the offense may earn one point
for each play of 20+ yards and one point for each first down.

The defense may earn five points each for an interception or a recovered fumble. If
they return an interception or fumble recovery for a TD, the defense will
receive 12 points. The defense will earn three points for forcing a punt,
blocking a field goal or by stopping the offense on a fourth-down play on the
offense's side of the 50. Two points will be awarded to the defense for a
safety, a quarterback sack, stopping the offense on a fourth-down play on the
defense's side of the 50 or stopping a two-point conversion attempt. Finally one
point will be earned by the defense for forcing a missed field goal, tackling a
ball carrier for a loss of yardage, blocking a point-after-touchdown attempt or
when holding the offense to a field goal after the offense began its series in
the red-zone (inside the defense's 20-yard line).

The scrimmage paired the #1 offense versus the #2 defense, #2 offense versus the #1 defense. The third and fourth teams matched up against their equals.

MVP for the defense would most likely be Mike Purcell who had a couple sacks as well as several tackles for loss and a fumble recovery. The experience of the secondary showed as it was hard to complete passes for any of the quarterbacks.

ACS had a fairly decent day but focused mainly on shorter passes. He did have one interception that due to throwing into double coverage.

Oliver Schober booted two of his three kickoffs into the endzone. Austin McCoy could only reach the 10.

McCoy also took some reps at kicking field goals, he will be assuming those duties for the first game while Ian Watts sits out due to a one game suspension.

Backup DE Mark Willis blocked two consecutive field goals after the first one was called back due to a penalty.

DE Sonny Puletasi got a sack by simply pushing his blocker into the QB.

Alvester Alexander had a 39 yard run from scrimmage. Walk on RB Vincent Bobbitt had the longest play of the a day a 49 yard run. First time I'd heard his name mentioned this season.

James Davis had a 10 yard touchdown run. Dax Crum found Tedder Easton for a 10 yard score late in the scrimmage.

Kurt Taufa'asau seems to be developing the quickest of any of the defensive linemen though he didn't make any standout plays today.

The next scrimmage will be on Tuesday the 17th. Hopefully the offense will be able to pick things up in the weeks to come.

Here is an article on new WR's Aiken and Herron who have labeled themselves "Thunder and Lightning 2.0". The original Thunder and Lightning were running backs Devin Moore and Wynel Seldon. Hopefully they can have similar success.