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Let there be light!

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There is a rarity happening in Laramie this season. Not just one but two football games that will played in the evenings and under the lights. There have been only three games played underneath the lights since the Wyoming joined the Mountain West back in 1999.

Robert Gagliardi broke down some history on the lights at War Memorial. The season opener on September 4th versus Southern Utah kicks off at 7pm and will be untelevised. Two weeks later the Cowboys return home to host Boise State with a 6pm kickoff that will be aired on CBS College.

According to the article AD Tom Burman has been pleased with ticket sales so far. But some fans are concerned about travel times after the game. Heading back to Casper can take around 3 hours and conditions could be tougher at night. I'm glad that the Boise game will be on CBS C and I'm sure that every hotel in the area will be booked that weekend.