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The Mountain West welcomes two new members

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With news that BYU was headed indy in football and taking the rest of their sports to the WAC the Mountain West Conference has signed, sealed and delivered two new insitutions. The University of Californa, Fresno State the University of Nevada, Reno will both join the Mountain West in as soon as 2011.

This will ensure that the MWC stays at least a 10 team conference and could signal a death blow to the WAC the former home of both schools. Will these schools help the Mountain West automatic qualifying as a BCS conference? Not right away but the potential is there. Fresno State has 22 wins over the past three years and Nevada has 21. The great thing is that the Mountain West will have at least 10 teams and a solid foundation.

Are these new additions perfect? No but they are a great fit geographically and will be great travel partners for UNLV and San Diego State.

What are they missing? Fresno needs to starting winning some bowl games once they join :P And their bulldog logo bugs me. Nevada needs to starts packing their stadium, their attendance is terrible at home and hardly any fans support the team on the road. Hopefully this will all change with the stiffer competition.

So what does this mean for BYU? Do continue their way out and join the scraps of the WAC or perhaps the WCC? Or do they come back and play nice in the Mountain West.

Thompson was just in Philadelphia meeting with Comcast and CBS College discussing the tv deal. Will these new markets mean a boost to the viewership of the Mtn? I would stoked by any improvement in the current deal.

Right now I'm view MWC Commisioner as a bad ass.

Craig Thompson does his best impersonation of Jules from Pulp Fiction
And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.