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New Mexico Bowl Replay!

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If you like staying up late and have ESPNU then Tuesday is your lucky day! ESPNU will be rebroadcasting the 2009 New Mexico Bowl from Midnight to 2a.m. MST. Obviously the game will be shorter than the original broadcast they are condesing four quarters and two overtimes into just two hours.

The nice thing is that the two hour broadcast will fit much nicer on my DVR. Watching the New Mexico bowl is the perfect way to show what the Pokes are capable of and get you ready for the 2010 season!
In other Poke news walkon JUCO WR Jonathon Aiken has earned a scholarship this year after three players left the program and Aiken proved himself in practice. This is really a win - win situation for the Aiken and the Cowboys who kept in touch during a lengthy recruitment process. Aiken was initially declared ineligible after accepting a scholarship offer from Wyoming in the Fall. He worked on his grades and had offers from other schools but liked the relationship the Wyoming staff so much that he was willing to walk on and pay his way if needed.

True freshman QB Sam Stratton has moved to RB to help with depth at the position. Stratton is a very quick and mobile runner but was limited in his plays at the new position due to a pulled hammy. Seems like Stratton is doing well in practice despite coming back from a massive knee injury but I would still expect him to end up redshirting this year.