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Screw you Utah!

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First Utah leaves for the Pac 10 (12) and now BYU leaves the Mountain West to go independent in Football and have all others sports play in the WAC????

After the last three years have been going so well for the Mountain West and the conference was so close to gaining a BCS berth. Now this happens? Who would have guessed that the state of Utah would ruin a good time that was being had by all the members of it's conference. The "no fun allowed" state just kicked it up a notch.

This could have huge ripple effects for the entire conference and the Mountain West may cease to exist if Boise decides to go back to the WAC which they can still do until September with no penalty.

When Utah was picked to join the Pac 10 it set off the BYU loyalists who felt left out. This reaction to become independent is coming to quick and they should have waited to see how the MWC is with Boise joining.

Well guess Wyoming doesn't have to worry about traveling to Utah anymore after this year.