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The WAC set it self up for failure with outliers

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Even when the WAC had every lined perfectly:
  • BYU joining in all other sports - playing for four five games in football
  • $5M exit penalty for any school that leaves the conference early

They still couldn't keep things together and Fresno State and Nevada both jumped at the chance to abandon ship. Why would they leave when the conference was on the verge of getting a big boost?

They could actually end up SAVING money every year in travel expenses. Both schools mentioned this important factor in their press conferences. The main reason expenses were so high were because of the extra large footprint of the conference.

The outliers for the WAC are Hawaii and Louisiana Tech, schools stat are seperated by a mere 4,000+ miles. Bear in mind it's only 3,299 miles to drive from Seattle to Miami. The closest school to Louisiana Tech is New Mexico State a mere 935 miles. The shortest flight for any WAC school to Hawaii was San Jose State with a mere 2,3oo mile flight.

According to the Idaho Statesmen the travel distance for Boise State reduced by 18% with their switch to the Mountain West. This article also details the other financial benefits the MWC carries over the WAC.


So what do I think will happen now?

I believe BYU will stay in the Mountain West for a couple years at least. The Mountain West will add the University of Houston to make it an even 12 teams. Conference USA adds Louisiana Tech to replace Houston and this officially kills the WAC as they drop down to just five football teams.

This could be way off but the addition of Houston just makes too much sense. Large media market, travel partner for TCU, potential for a Top 25 team.

Craig Thompson did meet with the CUSA last night though not all the details are known.

Thompson said the commissioners discussed issues such as BCS access and possibly
pooling resources for more lucrative media contracts.

The one major thing that both conferences share in common is CBS College Sports who broadcasts several Mountain West games and ALL Conference USA games. Perhaps a joint network that both conferences share?