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Week 1 Depth Chart Released

Just five days now and we will finally see what the Cowboys are made of this year. The staff released their updated depth chart before the season opener. Any players that are suspended for the first game are not listed on the depth chart.

Not a ton of surprises here on the roster that goes three deep for most positions. A few highlights:

  • Robert Herron listed as 3rd RB and KR.

  • Mark Willis and Matt Birkeness grabbed the backup DE spots.
  • Alexander is #1 RB with James Davis at #2.

  • Justin Dire is #2 at Right Tackle. Only true frosh listed above 3rd on the O Line.
  • Both JUCO D linemen are third string as they adjust to the altitude and competition.
  • Keith Lewis won the starting job at Left Outside Linebacker

So not reall groundbreaking but by looking at the depth chart it is still amazing of how young team still is this year. Only three starters on defense and offense are listed as seniors. The areas that will be hit hardest are the secondary who will lose Chris Prosinksi and Marcell Gipson. Wide Recievers will lose David Leonard and Zach Bolger