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What I'm watching this weekend

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With games starting on Thursday and no NFL yet this actually quite a treat for College football fans this weekend. College football for five straight days and a three day weekend to make the most out of enjoying the proceedings.

Here is day by day listing of what games I'll be checking out:


#15 Pittsburgh at Utah - The Utes host the Panthers in a game that has big implications for both teams. An early loss could hurt both teams chances of playing in a January Bowl game. As a Chicago Bears I enjoy watching Dave Wannstedt fail so.... Go Utes! 6:30PM on Versus.


Arizona at Toledo - Only two games on Friday and why would someone be interested in watching this odd matchup? Why, future scouting of course! The Pokes travel to Toledo on October 2nd and we know the Rockets have a good offense but they gave up over 37 points a game last year. 6PM on ESPN.


Washington at BYU - I don't care if the Cougars stay or leave the Mountain West I'm hoping they go down big to the Washington Huskies. For one I live in the state of Washington just a few miles away from Washington QB Jake Locker's home town of Ferndale. Locker is great person and great athlete just as everyone reports and I would love for him to make it to a bowl game this year. Plus it would also deflate the ever increasing ego of the Cougar fans to lose on their sacred turf in Provo. 5:00PM.

#24 Oregon State at #6 TCU - The Horned Frogs and Beavers are playing at Jerry's World and are putting their season on the line early. Hopefully TCU put together a strong performance in front of the national telecast. 5:45PM on ESPN.

Southern Utah at Wyoming - Won't be televised so you can either attend the game, listen on the radio or follow the stat tracker. I'll be watching the updates that happen every 30 seconds - yippy!

Couple late games if you want - Cincinnati at Fresno State on ESPN2 - 8:00PM and #12 Wisconsin at UNLV on Versus - 9pm.


SMU at Texas Tech - Only two games today and this is the better of the two. Interesting story lines here... can SMU knock off the Red Raiders in just their second year under June Jones? How Tommy Tuberville do in his debut at head coach after replacing Mike Leach? Find out at 1:30pm on ESPN.


#3 Boise State at #10 Virginia Tech - The big enchilada this weekend pits these top ten teams in Fed Ex Field. Basically a home game for the Hokies this "nuetral site" game will be the toughest for the BCS busting Broncos all year (except for Wyoming..!) and big win here will hopefully shut up the ESPN naysayers for at least a few days. Very excited for our future conference mates and hope they come out firing. 6PM on ESPN.