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Who you calling cupcake????

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Darren Everson of the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about how the growing trend in college football is to schedule premier neutral site games for buckoo bucks. This is a very interesting story however the downside is that he started off the article by saying that BCS teams have been scheduling to many "cupcake" non conference games and used Wisconsin vs. Austin Peay and Texas vs. Wyoming as examples.

His example is correct with Austin Peay and Wisconsin. AP is an FCS school that only managed a 4-7 record last year on a schedule filled entirely with FCS oppononents. I'm not saying that Wyoming and Texas are equals but the Pokes play in the Mountain West and won the New Mexico Bowl last year. Plus the Cowboys and Longhorns have a three game commitment and this is the second year of that series.

Even if some people consider Wyoming a cupcake the Pokes have shown that they can play with elite teams. Last season the Cowboys were even with Texas for almost the entire first half. There will be plenty of chances for upsets on the schedule this year.

We are killer cupcakes (pictured above)!!!!!


After writing this post I rechecked the article and the author has now removed his reference to Wyoming and Texas. It has since been replaced with Auburn and Arkansas State. Perhaps he read this post (doubtful) or he wised up.

Don't tread on us!!! Go Pokes!