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Mountain West Monday (On a Tuesday)

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Mountain West Conference Standings

(updated 10.10.2010 at 1:30 AM PDT)

Conf Overall
Air Force Falcons 3 0 5 1
TCU Horned Frogs 2 0 6 0
Utah Utes 2 0 5 0
BYU Cougars 1 1 2 4
UNLV Rebels 1 1 1 5
San Diego St. Aztecs 0 1 3 2
Wyoming Cowboys 0 2 2 4
Colorado St. Rams 0 2 1 5
New Mexico Lobos 0 2 0 6

All nine Mountain West teams were in action on Saturday and finished with a 4-5 record.  There were three conferences pairings and three out of conference games.  Overall not the greatest weekend for the Mountain West but there definitely a few highlights out there.


Air Force:  The Falcons rested their entire team the fourth quarter, let the Rams score two touchdowns and still won 49-27.  With the victory the fly boys stay perfect in Mountain West play at 3-0 and need just one one more victory to become bowl eligible.


BYU:  Way to ruin the good time that everyone was having at your expense.  I knew this would happen after BYU was humiliated by Utah State.  Bronco fires Jaime Hill the defensive coordinator and Bronco focuses on the defense and the Cougars end with up with a 24-21 victory over San Diego State.  Couldn't let them get just one victory over you as a parting gift?


Colorado State:  Way to copy the Wyoming strategy against Air Force. Focusing on the ground game and time of possession.  The good news is that CSU actually out gained Air Force on the ground and dominated TOP 37 to 22.  The bad news is that Air Force was able to score so quickly it didn't matter how much the Rams had the ball.  At least you get to face UNLV next week,  a great shot a doubling your win total.

New Mexico:  I know things have been rough for you the past year and now you get to deal with New Mexico State fans hounding on you for beating the Lobos for a second straight year.  "We went 1-11 but at least we kicked your ass".  This meeting of two awful awful awful awful teams that have no defense actually was close and came down to a last minute field goal.  I fully except the Lobos to complete their perfect record and 0-12 season now.  Good news is the they won't next week thanks to the bye week.


San Diego State:  I'm very disappointed in you.  You are so grounded!  You have two weeks to prepare for an injury plagued down trodden BYU team and you throw it all away.  You can complain about fumbles all you want but digging yourself a 14 hole in the first quarter is not the way to demoralize your opponents.  That fourth win was yours for the taking and now you ruined it.


TCU:  You're lucky that Wyoming didn't play their starting QB otherwise they would have kicked your butts.  So TCU got lucky and ended up with 45-0 victory and second consecutive shutout.  I guess your defense was sorta good and the offense showed a few sparks.  Next year when you come to Laramie the gloves are coming off!


UNLV:  Two totally different places: Las Vegas and West Virginia.  Two totally different teams: UNLV and West Virginia.  How do you let a QB named Geno throw three touchdowns?  Apparently quite easily.  After this 49-10 rout at least you'll have a shot against the Rams in Fort Collins.


Utah:  Only 68 points scored against Iowa State?  After all those touchdowns scored there wasn't one chance to go for the two point conversion at make it 69 points.  And what is your reward for such a beat down of a Big 12 team? Absolutely nothing, you just sit there and keep your same spot in the polls.   


Future Members of the Mountain West


Boise State: Why do you have to always try and out do Wyoming?  First you beat the Cowboys badly in front of their home crowd.  Then a week after Wyoming beats Toledo 20-15, Boise State goes and defeats Toledo 57-14.  Always have to try and impress everyone.  Way to hang in there despite the injuries and players getting suspended.


Fresno State:  This 49-27 loss to Hawaii at home is a shocker.  Well the good news is that best cure for a losing streak is New Mexico State.  But watch out now, the Aggies did just earn their first win of the year.  If the Bulldogs lose this game then Pat Hill should be forced to shave his mustache.


Nevada:  With a 6-0 start and a #19 ranking things are looking very good for the WolfPack.  The only thing that is missing is a guarantee that Nevada is joining the Mountain West next year.  Next week you fly to Hawaii, remember what happened last time you played there?  Yes that Hawaii Bowl loss to SMU was pathetic, time to exorcise those demons!