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Reading Roundup: What you should be reading right now

Before the weekend starts you should do some reading.  Your weekend will probably be filled with beer and fried food while watching football so get some knowledge know before you watch TV all weekend.  Here are some stories you should check out.

  • Two more Wyoming Cowboy non conference basketball games will be broadcast this this year on CBS College Sports.  The two games for the Cancun Challenge on November 23rd versus Missouri and 24th against LaSalle/Providence.  Very good news for folks that don't have access to the Mtn. to view some games.
  • Check out the College Buffet for all the televised games this weekend.  The matchup of 2-5 Wyoming and BYU did not get a high ranking.
  • Brian Gibson went from truck driver in Louisiana to power forward for the Cowboys.  Gibson was the leading rebounder in the JUCO ranks last year.
  • CB Marqueston Huff feels like he is the third Gipson brother and looks to make a huge impact next season.  
  • Are the BYU Cougars struggling this year simply because of a lack of talent on the roster? 
  • Afam Muojeke is healthy and practicing but he is still not 100% so he could miss the season opener.
  • Expect BYU to run the ball as much as possible against the Cowboys on Saturday and the rest of the season.  Passing game is simple not there for the Cougars.
  • Utah State is still standing by their decision to stick with the WAC and not join the Mountain West.