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Mountain West Monday: An entertaining look at the week that was in the MWC

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Mountain West Conference Standings

(updated 10.23.2010 at 11:58 PM PDT)

Conf Overall
TCU Horned Frogs 4 0 8 0
Utah Utes 4 0 7 0
San Diego St. Aztecs 2 1 5 2
Air Force Falcons 3 2 5 3
BYU Cougars 2 2 3 5
UNLV Rebels 1 2 1 6
Colorado St. Rams 1 3 2 6
New Mexico Lobos 0 3 0 7
Wyoming Cowboys 0 4 2 6

Another week of all conference games and there were two blowouts and two close games.  Two teams continue to dominate the league while crappy things keep happening to the visiting teams in Provo.  Let's take a look at how each team fared over the weekend.


Air Force:  Facing TCU and Utah in back to back weeks is killer.  That could make it three losses in a row for the Falcons who are still looking for that elusive sixth win.  Don't worry the last three games of the season are much easier so you can still finish with seven or eight wins the year.  It is hard to make fun of Air Force because they are so dang perfect.  If you have any punch lines post them in the comments.   
BYU:  If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all. Guess I will keep my mouth shut. Glad we won't have to deal with this kind of bologna anymore. Now I'm done.
Colorado State:  The Rams suffered quite the beat down at the hands of the Utes and stand on the verge of being eliminated from the post season.  But don't rule out this young team who will have a shot to win in their last four games.  First up is New Mexico which is as about as easy a W you can get for any team.  Less than a month till the Border War will be a tough game this year.

New Mexico:  Way to hang in there against San Diego State but still keep your perfect record intact this season.  That last second touchdown made your 30-20 loss look much closer than it actually was.  Good luck going for that elusive 10th touchdown of the year this week against Colorado State.  Hoops is nearly hear and Lobo fans can't much longer for football to end.

San Diego State:  Remember when Air Force let you win on your home field so that could get an important win?  Well pass that on this week when you visit Laramie.  Pokes need a victory to stay in the bowl hunt,  after wards we''ll buy you a few beers and we can both complain about BYU.  Ronnie Hillman seems to be healthy enough to play on Saturday, that is unfortunate.

TCU: The defense is now slacking, they actually gave up a touchdown this week.  That was the first one scored against TCU this month.  After three home games the Horned Frogs finally hit the road to face UNLV.  With a trip to Utah the following week it could be a classic case of a trap game.  Except the Rebels couldn't beat TCU if they had 12 men on the field the whole game.

UNLV:  A nice bye week to relax and focus on important things like UNLV basketball.  Two weeks is not enough time to prepare for TCU, two months wouldn't be enough.  One more loss will seal the fate of watching all the bowl games on TV this year, again.

Utah:  Finally a solid game this weekend against Air Force then the big one against TCU the following week.  The smack down of Colorado State is impressive but the the strength of schedule has still been lacking.  The win by Iowa State over Texas did help things a bit.  Worry about this year and not contending for a PAC 12 South title next year.

Future Members of the Mountain West

Boise State: How in the hell do you have two byes this season?  Wyoming, Air Force and Colorado State don't even have one bye week this year.  Maybe that is why you dropped in the polls this week: too much idle time.  Ok, now looking at the schedule I see it is because of that glorious battle you have with Louisiana Tech scheduled for Tuesday.  Ah yes.. the always under watched Tuesday night football.  You won't have to deal with that next year in the Mountain West.

Fresno State:  Well you have two weeks to prepare for Louisiana Tech after the solid win over San Jose State.  Make sure you keep Tuesday free so you can do some advance scouting on the Bulldogs and the Broncos.  Just realized that Fresno State and Louisiana Tech are both the Bulldogs.  It hate it when two teams with the same mascot play other, only one mascot per conference should be a rule.  Houston can join the Mountain West after BYU leaves and Wyoming should never play Oklahoma State again.

Nevada:  So the Wolf Pack have the week and move up in the polls while Boise also rests and moves down?  oh well, welcome back to the Top 25.  I've decided that since your nickname is the "Wolf Pack" you need to have a pack of wolf mascots at your games.  You could have daddy wolf, momma wolf, grandpa wolf and that little rascal baby wolf.  Also looks like Nevada is upping the charge to students to help support the Athletic department.