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University of Houston President mentions more realignment occuring

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Renu Khator the President of the University of Houston tweeted on Monday  that more conference expansion/realignment could be in the works.  Khator has been attending the Conference USA Board meeting when the report came out.  The fact that this came from an actual University official is pretty amazing.  Chip Brown must be kicking himself for not breaking the news on this one.

There are no specific details in the tweet so it leaves plenty to the imagination.  The last big news about realignment was the Big East having some interest in TCU.  It has been pretty quiet after that news broke last month.  Would Khator tweet about schools within her own conference or even Houston itself switching conferences? 


Houston could be a regional partner with TCU if the Big East wanted to go big with their Texas expansion.  The Cougars have also been mentioned as a target for the Mountain West.  Louisiana Tech would be a much better fit in Conference USA then the WAC.  If there was ever a time for the Bulldogs to swap alliances now would be a great time.

With the size of Conference USA they have a number of members that could be targets for expansion by AQ conferences.  The Big East is again in the most desperate situation to keep their connection with the BCS and the Orange Bowl.  Villanova could be moving up to the FBS football ranks and join the Big East as a full member.  Memphis, East Carolina or Central Florida could be considered regional additions similar to the case when Cincinnati and Louisville were added.

Everything is speculation right now but is refreshing to have a University President start these things instead of random "insider" with a twitter account.  Hopefully there will be further news about this shift coming out in the next week or two.