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College Football dresses up for Halloween

So with Halloween happening this weekend everyone is very excited.  College football will be played on Saturday so that means there is plenty of time to enjoy the trick or treating on Sunday.  Unless you live in a place where you can't actually trick or treat on the 31st. 

This is time of year when made up words like "spooktacular" become part of our vernacular and you get free candy just for wearing a costume.   But  this event is not just for kids but also for adults.  So what will your favorite college football players, teams and coaches be dressing up for as this weekend?  Read below to find out.
Cam Newton
QB - Auburn
Costume: Wrecking Ball
Mr. Newton is a big boy and has taken the SEC by storm this year.  At 6-6 247 he is strange mix of large, strong and mobile.  Already has over 1,000 yards passing and rushing on the year.
Tim Brewster and Todd Dodge
Ex Coaches
Costume: Job Seekers
The first two victims of the AXE can now spend more time to get ready for Halloween with their friends and family.  Brewster was 1-6 at Minnesota this year and lost to North Dakota State.   Dodge compiled a 6-37 while at the head of the Mean Green.

Mark May
ESPN Analyst
Costume: Tweedle Dum

Another talking head that refuses to acknowledge the accomplishments and relevance of any school from a non BCS conference.  I'm not saying that Lou Holtz is Tweedle Dee but you know he would dress up in matching striped overalls with Mark May if ESPN told him. 

Karl Benson
WAC Commissioner
Costume: Dirt on the bottom of your shoe
Benson has had rough few months here lately as he has seen the Western Athletic Conference begin to crumble.  Boise State and Nevada are both having great seasons but at least one team is leaving next year.  Fresno State is also heading out of the WAC which creates a monster headache for Benson.  He is looking for a little respect.

Denard Robinson
QB - Michigan Wolverines
Costume:Billy Blazes from Rescue Heroes

Robinson is blazing fast and rescued the Wolverines this season and give Rich Rodriguez a new lease on life.  Which Michigan sitting at 5-2 and Robinson account for 112% of the offensive output you can say he's having a pretty good year.


Craig James
ESPN Analyst
Costume: The Year 2005
Why would James dress up as the year 2005? Well according to the Chinese Lunar Calender, 2005 was the last time it was the "Year of the Cock". Is he a big chicken or something else? You decide.

Joe Paterno
Penn State Coach
Costume: The New Year's Baby

You just pictured JoePa wearing nothing but a diaper.  How long will that image stick in your head?  Perhaps he will hit 90 years old and then start pulling a Benjamin Button routine on us and become younger.

Boise State and TCU
Costume: Cinderella

Both teams just want to be invited to the ball it is hard to make sure the shoe fits properly when they are both trying to jam their feet into it.  Only one can truly wear the glass slipper and even that team may be left out of a National Championship game.

New Mexico and Akron
Costume: Detroit Lions

The two remaining winless teams are running out of games to break their losing streak.  Even Western Kentucky who lost 26 straight before winning last week is laughing at you.

Urban Meyer and Mack Brown
Florida Coach and Texas Coach
Costume: Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy

The mighty Gators and Longhorns have gone from title contenders to unranked quicker than an Oregon scoring drive.  Both teams are sitting at 4-3 on the year.  Three losses was a bad three year period for these teams most of the decade.

Pyramid Scheme
Costume: Darth Vader/Nazi

Other costumer options were Satan, Con Artist or a Snake Charmer.  The BCS continues to spread it's evil empire but there is a threat to the darkness.

Dan Wetzel
Yahoo Sports Columnist
Costume: Luke Skywalker/Indiana Jones/Lt. Aldo Raine from Inglourious Basterds

With his "Death to the BCS" book Wetzel is blowing holes in every argument that the BCS uses to stay in power.

Taylor Martinez
QB - Nebraska
Costume: Eric Crouch

Husker fans haven't been this excited about their quarterback since well... Eric Crouch.  "T Magic" as the kids say, is finally the true running quarterback that Nebraska fans have been waiting for.

The Pistol
Offensive scheme
Costume: Hansel from Zoolander

The Pistol is soooo HOT right now and Chris Ault the head coach of Nevada is the toast of offensive coordinators everywhere.  The Wildcat was very popular a few years ago but hasn't maintained that level.  Will the pistol be a flash in the pan or a core part of the playbook in five years?  I want my offense to have as many barrels as possible so I'll be working on the Gatling gun.  Much more effective then the shotgun or pistol.

Larry Scott
PAC 10 Commissioner
Costume: Don "Magic" Juan

Scott has had an amazing year as head of the PAC 10. Added two more schools, created a championship game that will sell out every year and implemented equal revenue sharing.  Stay cool daddy o.  


Well those are my top 15 costumes for college football this year.  If you any additions feel free to post them in the comments.  And remember kids - don't take opened candy or apples with razor blades sticking out of them.