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Resolution not a done deal. Could be completed later this week.


The initial report has now been refuted by a number of sources.  Dan Hixman of the Reno Gazette says that the agreement is not true.  The radio station out of Fresno ESPN 1430 is now saying that what they discussed was a proposal that was being discussed between the two parties but had not been agreed upon.  This is still an option being discussed and there could be a resolution as early as the end of this week according to Hixman. 

Paul Swearengin of ESPN 1430 came on the radio this afternoon to say that they just discussed the proposal on their morning show and they didn't mean to imply it was a done deal.  But they also repeated the news of the resolution later in the morning during their news updates.  So it was actually broadcast several times.

So when the resolution does become official it will be interesting how different it is from the one was that initially reported.  Hopefully we will find out for sure later this week.