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Wyoming Traditions

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Under second year head coach Dave Christensen the Wyoming football team has undertaken a transformation in the way the team is promoted.  The use of social media has been used extensively by the marketing department to promote the team and reach a larger demographic.

Coach Christensen has his own website, FacebookTwitter and YouTube accounts that are used to promote the team.  The website is especially impressive and is a great tool for recruiting.  You can tell that Christensen really wants to put his mark on the University of Wyoming and create lasting traditions.

One such tradition is the Cowboy Walk where the players walk from their team hotel to War Memorial Stadium on game days.  This a great way to increase fan participation before the games and encourage them to show up early.  Another tradition started last year is when a native Wyoming player carries the state flag into the stadium.  Coach Christensen has also renamed the special teams to "Special Forces" due to a partnership with Special Forces Association Cowboy Chapter 71.   

There are currently three tradition videos that have been posted so far this year .  If there are any more  videos posted I will be sure to post a link up on site.