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Pokes new basketball uniforms get praise from ESPN

The uniform your team wears is a huge deal and fans often times get made when changes are made to sacred uniform.  Uni Blog tracks all the changes that teams made to their basketball uniforms this year.  The switch by Wyoming received big praise from Uni Watch

Wyoming has made significant changes to its home uni, but the biggest changes will be on the road, where the Cowboys will now be wearing gold instead of brown. Uni Watch heartily approves

Take a look at the new uniforms and our thouhts after the jump.

I have to agree with the assessment for both uniforms.  The new home uni looks sharp and should fit the players better.  Not a huge drastic change but a nice refinement.  Any thoughts on the new look?

The switch to gold (yellow) is pretty daring but I think it works out pretty well.  I've always been a big fan of the secondary color especially if it is the brighter of the teams colors.  Like when the Chicago Bears or Denver Broncos wear orange and it creates more pop.  The roadies look quicker and faster and it won't be hard to tell which players on your team.  The simple white piping around collar and arms is well done as well.   

Leave your thoughts on the new uniforms below in the comments.   The picture in this post is the home look from last year.