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Robert Herron released from the hospital

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With less than two minutes to play Robert Herron took the ball and was immediately hit by a UNLV linemen.  The blow sent Herron to the turf where lay motionless.  Medical staff attended to him and he was put on a stretcher and taken from the field via ambulance.  It was a scary time for Herron, Wyoming players and fans in the stadium and those watching on TV.

Herron was held over night at Sunrise hospital in Las Vegas for further examination.  KGWN is reporting that Herron was released on Sunday and flew home with Wyoming medical staff.  The diagnosis is that he suffered a concussion but no other injuries on the play. 

 Concussions are becoming an injury that is getting a lot more attention as the long term effects are just now being realized.  This is the first concussion that Herron has suffered this year, since he is a freshman I'm not sure if there is a history of these happening in high school.  Very glad that he is back in Laramie now and suffered no other injuries.

The Pokes have just one game remaining this year: the Border War with Colorado State.  I wouldn't be surprised if they rest Herron in order to make sure he has plenty of time to recover.  He would have to pass a medical examination to be cleared to play anyways. 

Alvester Alexander is still the starter but it be interesting to see who backs him up.  Nehemie Kankolongo was cleared to play last week but didn't travel with the team to Las Vegas.  Kongo has barely seen any action this year.  Tedder Easton would be the other option at running back.  Easton did travel to Vegas and was listed as the third back but did not receive any carries.